unMonday: it’s a girl!

This weekend, I had the pleasure of helping some friends announce the gender of their coming addition to the family with a fun photo shoot! She had the idea of getting some pink balloons to add to the scene, and the woods behind their place worked as a great location. It was a lot of fun! I think this was the fastest turn-around I’ll ever do on a photo session; I wanted to get them back as soon as possible so they didn’t have to wait any longer to get the news out to all their friends. I took the photos around noon, and had them back by that night! This means I didn’t spend a ton of time editing, but I’m happy with the results (and more importantly – so are they).

Such a good-looking, photogenic family! I’m convinced it’s impossible to take a bad picture of these guys.

This was a one-handed shot, while I tested my settings as we walked to our location. My shutter speed wasn’t right, but luckily it was close enough I could correct it during my post-prossesing. Lesson learned: sometimes the greatest portraits can happen on accident, before you’re even to the shoot location. I need to always be ready to capture some of these candid moments, as they are usually favorites.

Their son would pose for a few shots for me, but he was really more excited to come check out how they were turning out. I would show him the photos on the camera’s screen, and he would smile and tell me “daddy” and “mommy” as we reviewed… future photographer? :)

This is my personal favorite from the session, as you can just see their fun attitude. These two were so relaxed – I’m glad I got to take their photos! Congrats to the Russells!


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