kodak ektar inside

I am a huge fan of this Kodak Ektar film. With an ISO of 100, it’s great for outdoor, bright light shooting. But (of course) there were a few shots when I was out and about with the camera that were low-light and I just couldn’t resist. These still do have natural light in them, but the subjects were dark and either indoors or inside a vehicle. Here’s how the film performed…

artwork by Sanvig

You may recognize this last image, as it’s the final product of something I photographed with my very first test roll in the Canon (see it here).

I’m really impressed with the quality and versatility of this film. My color test rolls are Kodak Gold ISO 200, so the speed of the film isn’t too terribly different – but the colors, grain and overall quality of the Ektar images convinced me to order some more rolls! These low-light situations are a typical occurrence with me and I tend to risk taking the shot even when my camera’s light meter needle is a smidge below my shutter speed ring… it’s great to have a versatile film that can handle this and produce the images I want. I wouldn’t post this last photo (as it was my last frame and isn’t very exciting), but I was even impressed with what I saw from an entirely indoor, fluorescent lighting situation and thought I would share.


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  1. poukitousse4

    …i like this ambiance…:))

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