a little more ektar

I developed a roll of Ektar, too!  It’s good to have my Nikon back…

I think Ektar 100 might be my favorite color film…

Love the colors of this Ektar 100, but a lot of my shots turned out with this weird line that runs the length of the frame…not sure if that’s something wrong with the film, my camera, or a mistake made by the developer…



  1. I particularly like the focussing in the ones in the bar.
    Shame about the line across the film. Maybe worth checking the back of the camera for damage? If you get another like it then you may have a problem. My father once advised me to always wind the film right into the cassette before sending it for processing – so the developer has to open the end of the cassette instead of pulling the film out through the slot…

    • kyle

      Thanks, Stephen! Yeah, I forgot to check my camera for damage…I’ll have to do that before I load the next roll. And yes, I definitely rewind my film all the way into the cassette. But all the same, I think I might look for a more qualified developer to process my film.

      • :) – I’ve had a few films arrive from processing with lines the length of the film. I never got to the bottom of it – there was nothing in the film wind on path that could have made the marks. Good luck with a new processor.

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