unMonday: lost and found

As some of you know, in my forgetfulness, I lost my precious Nikon FE several weeks ago during my usual lunch break along the Ship Canal, near Google.  It was tragic.  I felt stupid and wasteful for so carelessly leaving behind my dad’s camera on a routine lunch excursion, not to mention that I had been growing more and more attached to it as a beautiful photographic instrument.  When I returned several hours later, the camera was gone…someone had definitely picked it up.

In a desperate attempt to reclaim the camera, I visited every business within a block and a half radius of its last known whereabouts.  I posted ads on craigslist, Facebook, Flickr, and even Google+ to try to attract the attention of the person who picked up the forgotten camera.  I obsessively monitored craigslist for “For Sale” ads matching my camera’s description and put out an APB to Glazer’s Camera and Camera Techs for people suspiciously selling a used Nikon.  Nothing.

A few weeks later, I was still slightly wallowing in self-loathing and disappointment (not even being dramatic here; justified or not, I was really beating myself up about this).  My second craigslist ad of desperate searching was about to expire…when it arrived.  An email response via craigslist: “I have your Nikon FE.”  The author of the email had received the camera from her sister, who had found the camera where I left it, and then sent it all the way to Montana with the email author’s boyfriend.  Then, for some reason, the email author decided to check craiglist, just in case…and found me, right before my craigslist ad expired.  And it just so happens that the boyfriend lives in my neighborhood.  When he returned from Montana, he had my camera in hand, and the Nikon and I were reunited in front of Zoka Coffee.

Thank God for an honest person, and for grace given to me in spite of all my carelessness and stupidity.  The photos in this post are from the roll of Kodak Portra 400 that was in the Nikon when I lost it.  The girl in Montana developed the film out of curiosity (it’s what I would’ve done).

…Oh…and after all this, you would think that I had learned my lesson, right?  Nope.  Left the Nikon in a restaurant last night.  Don’t worry, I got it back.

This man struck up a conversation with me when he saw my Nikon FE. He knew WAY more about famous photographers than me. He was kind enough to oblige me with a few portraits.

Love the colors and contrast of the Portra 400. I’ll be comparing it to the roll of Kodak Ektar 100 that I should have back from the developers this week.

Terrible focus, but I love the blur and the colors too much to not post it.

I think I’m going to have the Nikon’s camera strap surgically fused to my wrist.

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