unMonday: the other side of washington

For most people, the state of Washington brings to mind the Puget Sound, verdant forests, and, yes, endless rain.  But to the east, over the wall of mountains holding all of the rainclouds over the I-5 corridor, is a completely different kind of Washington – high desert, yellow grasslands, and warm, sunny skies.  This region of Washington has a distinctive beauty that makes me nostalgic for my old hometown in Eastern Oregon.

This summer, I visited Eastern Washington when a group of friends and I vacationed at popular Lake Chelan.  While a few clouds made it into the region in the form of an all-night electric storm, we were able to enjoy a sunny, warm weekend by the lake.  I made a conscious decision to hold back on taking photos and spend more time relaxing and enjoying lake activities with friends, but of course I had to take some photos.  Here are a few of my favorites:

This bolt of lightning was not captured using a long exposure (I didn’t have my tripod with me). I tried a number of a times to catch the lightning with good timing and reflexes…I was lucky and caught the tail end of a burst of multiple lightning strikes.


One comment

  1. Lindsey Lasher

    The lightning picture is amazing! I am impressed you didn’t have a tri-pod! My favorite is the “fluff” one though. So simple and perfect!

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