unMonday: view of the tracks

I was finishing up the roll of film in my pinhole camera along with the second test roll I was putting through my Canon AT-1, so I decided to take the same shot with both of them. This really gives you an idea of the different perspectives they give. The pinhole is such a wide shot, and you can see how the 50mm lens zooms in a bit on the scene. I took the Canon photo in portrait, rather than landscape, but I was standing in the same spot for both.

Surprisingly, I think the pinhole photo came out better in this instance. This is mainly due to the light-leak in the Canon and the speed of the film I had in each. The pinhole handled the brightness better and is more true to reality in the colors. I won’t be doing another roll in the pinhole for a while, but a good friend mentioned that she really likes those pics :) So I will share a few more from this last outing throughout the week. Happy unMonday!


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