a light leak

I shot another roll of film (color this time) through the Canon AT-1 I picked up at a pawn shop. Apparently, my cleaning endeavors removed some gunk that was sealing the camera from any light leaking in… a few of the photos were completely ruined. But, some came out looking nice with the light-leak, and others (taken when cloudy and in rapid succession) didn’t appear to have any light-leak on them at all. It took me a few minutes of googling to come to the sealing-issue conclusion, and I hope that’s all it is. Next week I am going to try and re-do the seal and then I will shoot another test roll.

Initially, I didn’t even get this photo back when I got my film developed. As I was scowling at all the nasty light-leak streaks through my pictures, I realized that one was missing. I had tromped through some itchy grass and fought off the disgusting onslaught of love-bugs in order to get an angle I wanted on the railroad crossing. Was it ruined? Oh noooo!!! But no, there it was as plain as day in the set of negatives. I could easily make it out when I held it up to some light, so I had hope that they would be able to print it for me. Well, the machine tried to ignore it again… but the nice photo center lady stuck with it and got me my print. It was definitely worth the trip back and the trouble, as I think this is my favorite shot from the whole roll.

It’s not a perfect photo by any means, but the light-leak doesn’t look awful. And for some reason I just love the feel of it – capturing a fun day in the outdoors.

I wanted to really test how this lens could perform at the 1.8 aperture setting, so I thought getting down at ground level with all of the pine needles would help me get an idea if there were any issues with it. This little mushroom seemed like the perfect subject to center my shot around. I am surprised by how distinct the area of focus is and how blurry the pinecones got, but I think it’s wonderful! I especially like how it blurred the farther away things, with almost a bokeh affect. Besides the light leak, I don’t see any issues, but I’m no expert… if you see something please let me know. I’ve read a bit about old lenses getting a fungus and knowing this one has been sitting in a cabinet in humid Louisiana for who-knows how long… I wonder if it doesn’t have some problem. I set it out in the sun, rotating it from time to time to hopefully stave-off any growth haha. So far so good!


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  1. Candy Craddick

    I love the dog picture. Makes you want a lawn chair and lemonade. The mushroom pic is fun with just the very center being in focus…sorry I can’t offer any professional advice!

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