unMonday: Magnolia Plantation

Here’s another plantation for this week’s unMonday! This is Magnolia Plantation. It’s been a couple of months since I took (or looked at) these, and the intense heat of the day was evident once again in my blown-out skies. These shots are of the out-buildings that you could walk around. I’m not sure what they were, because the map we had for the site did not match the actual set up of buildings there. This plantation gave me a better idea of the size these places were; with the path to different locations being mowed through fields. But, I would recommend Oakland Plantation if you are in the area and would like see one, as it was overall easier to find and walk around, the main house was open for tours, and the tour was more educational.

I enjoyed getting to see this second plantation, as it gave me another perspective on history in Louisiana. It also has a cotton gin in the big barn on the property, and that was pretty neat to see. All in all, walking around in the humid heat dampened our spirits and took away most of my inspiration to shoot. Maybe I would like it better in winter. :)


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