so live your life…

I cannot claim this cool art/woodwork – copyright Sanvig

These are my top 4 favorite photos from the first [test] roll of film I put through the Canon AT-1. If you want to check out a few more, you can see them on Flickr. I have to say, years ago I had used a manual film camera like this, but never got very good results. Learning and practicing, by constantly shooting in manual mode on my dSLR for the past 3 years, has apparently given me the experience I needed to fully understand what all those nobs and dials are for! Most of these shots were in extremely low light, and it shocked me a little to know what I needed to adjust to try and hope for my film photos to turn out. Still, I was surprised when I got the roll developed and saw these. I was expecting blurry, half-visible images… enough to mean the camera would possibly work with a new battery and some more skill… imagine my surprise and excitement when this is what I saw! Here’s to hoping the camera and my skills don’t deteriorate now that it’s cleaned up and ready to go shooting again. :)


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