unMonday: zoo review

I hadn’t looked through my pictures from my visit to the Cat Tales Zoo in Spokane, Washington (since July) until today. Randomly clicking through my white tiger pics, I think I seriously had heart palpitations when I saw this one! This is not photoshopped; they had a sprinkler going around in her pen because it was so hot, and the sun caught the water droplets just right to create the sparkles you see here!!! I absolutely love it… the whole thing seems fitting for such a majestic cat.

We really liked these signs they had posted around the area. My husband was the one who suggested I quick snap a photo of this one with the tiger approaching in the background. He’s got a great eye for framing, huh?

Cat tales has a bear as well (or two or three, only this one was out at the time). I thought he was so funny sitting there, figuring out how to peek inside and then so disappointed it was empty! This is my first attempt at compiling photos too – thanks to Pixelmator. I probably wouldn’t have shared these, since the fence is so visible and the shots aren’t crazy awesome, but it’s kind of a fun series when I can stick them together!


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