software fun

This isn’t strictly photography related; it’s involved though and I thought it would be fun to share.

A few days ago, my husband came home with a question… could I create a label for him? Not an address label, but some sort of sticker design that he could put on jars of a special drink he wanted to make. I said okay, I can do that. I used to do things like that when I was in high school (with the version of Photoshop my mom had on our old computer). But, that was yeeeaaaaarrs ago and I don’t even use Photoshop now! I’ve been in a software conundrum for a while, and just kept putting the issue of creating myself a watermark or logo off on the back-burner. It’s something I’ve wanted to do for about a year, but never had the motivation to really dig into it. Well, here was my motivation!

Right now, I use Aperture for all of my photo editing, and I really like the software. It does what I want, I appreciate the price (as opposed to the incredibly expensive Photoshop), and I’m used to the buttons and shortcuts. That being said, I can’t get crazy and cut people out and stick them on top of the moon, or make logos with Aperture. So I turned to the trusty App store, which makes buying software way too easy, and discovered Pixelmator. Cost: Free 30 day trial (woohoo!) and only $15 after that if I decide I like it. I love being able to try out a program before forking over the money for it. Sometimes you can be so disappointed, but not this time. I was pleasantly surprised, and quickly started following my way through a few tutorials that would get me on track to creating a label for my husband. It was so much fun! He gave me some input on what I had come up with, and together we created this label:

Printed on a recycled brown sticker – it looked a bit more vintage/rustic. Pretty fun if you ask me. :) Here is the final product, taken with my iPhone photography skills:

I might share more of my endeavors with Pixelmator… see if I can really merge a couple of photos or something. I’m sure Photoshop is “better”, but I think for the amount of use I’ll get out of it – Pixelmator might be it (along with Aperture) for me. Hope you all have a great Friday!



  1. Awesome label design!!! Do tell about the “special drink”!!! :) XOXO

    • WHY is your name dumbgir123? I was so confused! The drink is James’ attempt to replicate a southern thing we had down here… basically super strong but tastes delicious like apple pie! :) It came out so good I have to make more labels!

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