unMonday: family photos

As my friend was packing up and getting ready to leave on new adventures away from Louisiana, she asked if I would take a few pictures of her daughter again – this time with dad. He is going to be in Korea for the next year, so capturing them together was extra sweet.

Of course, I also thought we should get a whole family picture! Military life means that the people around you come and go and are constantly changing, but we have been here through 4 years together… it hasn’t set in yet that she won’t be here to hang out with anymore.

I hate goodbyes. But, I know we’ll be long-distance friends now. Sending dad off to Korea is tough. We’re all here to support if anything is needed!



  1. Candy Craddick

    Love the pictures…so patient to get the best shot of that precious smile. And I LOVE walking away shots!

  2. Silje

    You can feel the love looking at these ..
    And when I read the story behind this shoot it brought some tears to my eyes <3
    Pictures that makes you think and feel, I love that. And I love these !:)

    • Aww – thank you Silje! It’s so nice to hear from you :) By the way – I’m probably going to make a coffee-table type of photo book from what we’ve posted on this blog (around Christmas time)… I will let you know and send you one if you want! Hope you are doing well (and tell Frode hi from James and I)!

      • Silje

        Yes let me know, I would LOVE one :) I am good, Frode is pretty good too (I hope:) ) He will re-deploy in a month or so, can`t wait to get him home!
        Hope you guys are doing well, enjoying life and staying safe :)

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