unMonday: look serious

The last time I was in Montana, a couple of my cousins were gracious enough to let me practice some portrait photography on them. I’d recently started following a lot of Danny Santos II’s work (especially his portraits of strangers), which you can see a collection of here. Call me crazy, but I had never even really thought of taking such a close-up, no-smile shot of someone and making it look good; I really like it! I decided to try a no-smile shot of my cousins to see how it would go… and it was a lot of fun! Somethings I definitely took away were: 1) Faces do look pretty awesome if you can catch them without a fake smile. 2) A great way to get a real smile is to ask for no smile or for them to look upset at you. I will post the real smile pics later this week. Happy unMonday!

Aren’t they great models? Thanks cousins! :)


  1. Candy Craddick

    Love the pic with the log house! I think you look at their eyes more in an unsmile pic.

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