unMonday (sort of): instagraming

(These shots were edited using only Instagram’s simple, one-touch filters.)

Instagram is old news to most people, but as an actual photographic tool, it’s relatively new to me.  Lately, I’ve been experimenting with what numerous serious photographers have already discovered and mastered – the portability, spontaneity, simplicity, and communality (yes, that’s a real word) of camera phones and photography apps.  Street photographers, especially, have found camera phones (particularly the iPhone) to be the perfect imaging device for quick, simple, noninvasive photography, and some have even established groups of very successful artists featuring cell phone photography (The Mobile Photo Group).  Even renowned professional photographers like Chase Jarvis have become influential proponents of cell phone photography (he wrote a book about it and made a camera app).  That being said, I will not be trading in my Canon 5D for an iPhone in the foreseeable future.  But since apps like Instagram have been garnering serious attention from photographers, I’ve given my own mobile camera a chance at taking more than just photos of the meal that I’m about to eat.

I’ve included a few shots from my Motorola Photon.  It has an absolutely terrible camera, so it’s taken me awhile to get over the poor image quality of my mobile photos.  Ironically, it is because my phone has a terrible camera that I am forced to focus more on composition, observation, and remembering to just have fun with shooting.

If you’d like to follow me on Instagram, my username is “50storms”.

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