black & white challenge: shapes and lines

Here’s a quick post for our black and white challenge, with shots from a recent trip to the East Coast.

Capturing images in black and white can help emphasize lines and shapes.  When color isn’t “necessary” for an image or doesn’t seem to contribute, it can be more of a distraction than an attribute, especially if the contrast in the image is the main focus.  While there’s no definitive “right” or “wrong” time to use color in a photograph, it is always important to consider the style/theme/message/story behind your photos, and deciding between color and black and white should be part of that consideration.

Below are some photos from a trip that my brother and I took to see our sister.  My brother and I stumbled across this building while trying to take a break from the St. Patrick’s Day crowds in the downtown area of Boston.  While the color versions of these photos are weak and uninteresting, due to the sickly hues of the dingy concrete, the black and white versions are eye-catching, since the strong geometric features of the architecture are able to take center stage without the ugly colors getting in the way.

These photos were shot in color and processed in Adobe Lightroom 2.  I’ll try to do a color/B&W side-by-side comparison for my next B&W Challenge post.


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