black and white challenge: shooting b&w camera presets

In response to our photo to-do challenge to shoot some black and white photos, here is the very first shot I took with my in-camera color configuration set up for black and white. I honestly was just pointing and shooting to see what the balance and contrast would look like – this painting has very vibrant colors in it, but I never really thought of photographing it. However, when I saw it in the black and white output as below, I loved the composition.

The day was a bit rainy, so I stayed in the green house for quite a while… playing with my camera settings and shooting all the random things in there. I was looking specifically for interesting textures and angles, and found the view of the rain along with the wood and burlap from the greenhouse especially to my liking.

And here is a carving of the Last Supper that seemed to be catching the sunlight in a great way. It displays a bit small on here, so if you’re interested, go ahead and click through to my Flickr where you can view it larger.

Honestly, I wasn’t that impressed by the in-camera config for black & white, and as mentioned by one of our readers – shooting RAW is always important for the best quality. Hence, the rest of my recent photo adventures I did in color – not wanting to compromise when out shooting things downtown. But, I do plan on processing a few of those to black and white, and hope to get some up later this week! They should be more interesting… I’m nervous to share my first ever street photog stuff!


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