unMonday: neighborhood

This week in unMonday, I want to post a few shots from the neighborhoods that I frequent.  As a few friends and family may have noticed, I carry my camera even more than I used to (hard to imagine that that’s even possible, I know).  I’m now taking photos six to seven days a week, racking up hundreds of photos, filling up my hard drive in record time, and sometimes not processing any of them.  As many of you know, even before my recently focused efforts in photography, I struggled with processing and posting my photos in even a relatively timely manner (Europe/Africa 2008, Austria 2009, Colombia 2010, Malaysia 2011, East Coast 2010 & 2012, Arizona 2012, etc., etc.).  So why am I overwhelming myself with dozens of gigabytes of photos when in the past I couldn’t handle a fraction of that?   My main hopes and goals are threefold.  First, I’m working to master the technical aspects of photography.  Second, I’m trying to develop the more ethereal qualities of a photographer – being able to see, sense, and act on the opportunity for a truly great photo, and being brave enough to take those photos.  And third, I really, really, really want to know what kind of photographer I am, and I’m not going to find that out simply by sitting and analyzing myself (which I still do).  So I’m trying to live in a lifestyle of photography, which will hopefully help my photographic style take shape.

That being said, here are a few of my day-to-day shots from the Fremont, Wallingford, and University District neighborhoods of Seattle.  There are hundreds and hundreds more, but I really tried to pick out the few that I really felt good about.  Click on the photos below to go through to my Flickr stream for more neighborhood shots…Happy unMonday!

–> Is there a neighborhood that you would like to see photographed?  I’m always looking for new places to explore!

Gasworks Park, Wallingford/Fremont – Climbed another hill to be even with the people on the hill in this photo, and then took many photos of people in various locations.

Fremont – I believe she’s one of the owners of the incredible Fremont restaurant known simply as “Pie”. I was finally brave enough to approach someone to take their photo, and she was kind enough to play along.

Fremont – I’ve actually photographed this guy before…I think he gets off work at the same time we usually take a coffee break.

Fremont – Lots of good photogenic action happens around bus stops, but you also have to be careful that you’re not photographing the people who are highly agitated from experiencing the Seattle Metro system. Also, people in buses make great photo subjects because they can’t run away from you and they can’t run after you.

University District – Taking photos on the inside of a bus, however, can be tricky, as you have nowhere to run.


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