photo to-do: black & white

One of the things we want to do with our blog is explore different photographic styles together.  Every once in awhile, we’re going to choose a style, genre, subject, or theme and create some related “photo to-do” challenges to help us learn.  We’ll focus on that photo to-do for a few weeks and allow it to guide our photography for awhile, and then move on to the next challenge.

Our first challenge was chosen by Shera, who wants to experiment with black and white photography.  Over the next few weeks, we’re going to use black and white photography in a number of ways – shooting natively on our cameras in black and white, changing photos to black and white in post-processing, and maybe shooting with black and white film.  Hopefully, we’ll not only be learning new techniques, but also when photos should be black and white and when they should be in color.  So keep an eye out for new photo to-do posts!

What are your thoughts/experiences with black and white photography?



  1. I think if you’re shooting digital then RAW is the way to go. With black and white images, you can end up pushing and pulling the highlights and shadows a lot and you need as much data to work with as you can get.

    • kyle

      Thanks, heyesphoto! Good advice, for sure. I definitely shoot all of my DSLR photos in RAW, so hopefully I’ll be taking full advantage of those uncompressed files for this B&W series!

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