street photography lesson numero uno

I am away from Louisiana (halleluja!) for the week, and I decided to head out on my very first street-photography adventure last night. I read a few articles on methods… shooting with a set aperture to bring most things in focus for your shots was recommended by some, and is something I don’t often do unless I’m shooting a large landscape photo. So for the most part, I decided to give that a try.

Now, as I’ve said before, shooting photos of people is still pretty intimidating to me. Well, how about I try and get a few shots of strangers… in a nonchalant, non-intrusive way, from a distance… that sounds do-able. Street-photog lesson numero uno: everyone is going to talk to you! Be prepared to explain what you’re shooting for and have conversations about photography and where you’re from and on and on… oh my goodness! Since I was not expecting to be making friends with tons of strangers – this adventure was a bit stressful. It was a totally awesome experience in the end though! I really did make friends and everyone was actually being supportive of my photography endeavors. Weird, friendly Northerners (I know some of you out there think friendly people only exist in the South. :) It’s not true.) I am excited to get back home and see how these photos come out; hopefully there will be some good ones I can share with you! I need a lot more practice to get good at the whole street photography thing, but I really love those types of pictures and want to keep working at it. I’ll be better prepared now for all the conversations that will inevitably happen. I’ve decided to get some mini business cards for this blog as well, so anyone who wants to check out if their photo gets posted will be able to easily find it. And it will make me a little more professional and less fumbling out there when I explain how I am working on getting into photography and practicing my skills. :) Any personal advice/experiences you want to share from street photography? I was really focused on documenting the place and shooting people was an after-thought. I hope to head out again sometime with a focus on interesting shots of people, rather than places. Baby-steps for me though.


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