unMonday: vernon lake

As promised, here are some photos of an area of water that I would call a swamp… but it’s actually part of Vernon Lake. We have driven by this view quite a few times and I always thought it would be kind of pretty to photograph. I never would have actually done it if it weren’t for this blog though, so hooray for motivation!

Let me tell you, getting these shots was a bit of an adventure! I was standing on a bridge for a few, and I had to hike down a sketchy bank to get some of the others. My husband was busy fishing, so I crossed a bridge and decided to head down towards the water. Half way there, all of the different kinds of poisonous snakes in the region started to run through my mind… cotton mouth, coral, rattle… alligators… bums. You never know what you could run into in a thicket around the swamp! Of course, I had only worn flip-flops. I quickly clicked off some photos and started to adjust my shot, promptly snagging myself with a vine around my ankle – freaked out – but forced myself to be strong and stay down there. (Mostly because I wanted some shots of this location, and was positive I did not want to come back and hike on that bridge or climb down that bank ever again haha!) The sun was setting, and I hoped for some pretty colors on the water; I wish some of these shots would have come out a bit better. Overall though – it was a fun little trip and I’m happy with my documentation of the area.


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