gone fishin’

My husband came along with me on my quest to photograph some of the watery areas around here. He brought his fishing pole; I brought my camera. When it came to shooting the fishing action, I decided to work on using the multiple focus points my camera offers. I’ve only recently started to try switching it up once in a while. Using anything but the center focus dot has seemed unnecessary for the most part, but I want to be able to do it. I got the hang of moving my focus point to the spot I wanted, but if I stopped shooting for a moment I would forget that I was no longer using the center spot – resulting in incorrect focus on a few pics until I realized what I’d done! It was a good learning experience though. Husband put up with me clicking around him while trying to cast his line without hooking me by the lure. :) The sun was setting while we were out there, and I really like how these came out. Hopefully I have done justice to the time of day. I find that I struggle a bit with allowing the light to remain accurate in post processing to what it was at the time of the shot. I tend to want to make everything brighter, but then I end up hating it because it’s not the real photo I took or wanted. So here they are… working to stay true to the shot. Let me know what you think!

Delta flyer out on the bayou! My favorite keychain ever :)

Reflections can be so beautiful with different light playing off the water’s movement…I especially liked this with the golden light of the setting sun coming through on the farther piers.

More photos of the Louisiana landscape from this outing to come…

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